Message from the State President

Greetings and welcome to the official web site of the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police.  NCFOP is the largest law enforcement officers’ organization in the State of North Carolina and is made up of men and women serving in law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels.  Our organization welcomes all law enforcement officers, regardless of your rank, and including retire law enforcement officers, to join the finest group of professionals you can find anywhere.  Our National organization, consisting of more than 330,000 members, is clearly the premier law enforcement organization in the United States and is continuously working hard for our membership all over the country.

Retirement News

On March 18, 2017 NC State Lodge held our Spring Board of Directors meeting in Lexington, NC. We had a full day of business with many reports and information being shared.  Local Lodges from across North Carolina were present to represent their members.  Reports were given on major topics such as the two 25-Year Retirement bills which were recently introduced, one in the Senate and one in the House.  The two bills, both of which are very much appreciated, offer slightly different benefits which our members need to consider.

Senate Bill 199 “Law Enforcement Officer Retirement/25 Years,” is the bill that gained the most support from our Board of Directors during our meeting.  The NCFOP has fought for many years for a 25-year retirement for our members with an unreduced retirement benefit.  SB 199 is very close to that but an officer’s retirement would be slightly reduced due to the number of years of service dropping from 30 to 25 years.  However, the officer would still receive the Special Separation Allowance for five additional years, but it would be slightly lower based on 25 years rather than 30.  With all of this being said, this is still a good bill and one NCFOP strongly supports.  This bill was introduced by Senator Bill Cook of Dare County and we truly appreciate his support.

House Bill 284 “25-Year LEO Retirement Option was introduced by Representative Dr. Greg Murphy from Pitt County.  This bill is similar to Sen Cook’s bill but with some clear differences.  Rep. Murphy’s bill would reduce by 1/3 of 1% per month for each month prior to age 55 if the officer retires between the ages 50-55 with 15 years’ service.  HB 284 does not allow officers to collect their Special Separation allowance if they retire after 25 years credible service.   The bill does provide the State or local government employer to offer a payout to the employee for retiring early but the payout cannot be greater than the amount the employee would have collected if they stayed the full 30 years.  Again, this is allowed but not required and most believe this allowed payout would rarely be collected.

In summary, the NCFOP is truly appreciative of all the work done by both Senator Cook and Representative Murphy on behalf of North Carolina’s law enforcement officers.  Both bills allow our officers to retire after 25 years of service and that is a benefit that is very much needed.

Please contact your local Senator and let them know you would like for them to support SB 199.

Randy Hagler, President
North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police