October 2, 2018


North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police Endorse Constitutional Amendment

RALEIGH – – An amendment which would guarantee crime victims’ rights is on the November ballot and North Carolina’s Fraternal Order of Police is endorsing its passage. Known as “Marsy’s Law,” it is named after Marsy Nicholas, a California college student killed by her boyfriend. Following her murder, Marsy’s family was not advised that her killer had been released on bail and encountered him in public.

If passed by the voters, victim’s rights would include “reasonable and timely” notice of criminal proceedings and the right to be present at any proceeding involving a defendant’ s plea, sentencing, parole or release.

Similar amendments are on the ballots in five other states. “Victims are all too often forgotten in our State,” said FOP State President Randy Hagler in making the announcement. “This amendment will ensure that they have a voice.”

Hagler continued by explaining that many of the amendments on the ballot for this year’s election are controversial politically, but this one is not. “This is a bipartisan issue. It’s not about politics. It is about giving victims at least some of the rights that defendants have;” he said.

The Fraternal Order of Police is the nation’s oldest law enforcement association with over 7,600 members in North Carolina.

For more information contact:

Randy Hagler, State President