Legal Aid Forms

Please read and understand all Legal Aid information.

legal-aid-formsThe NCFOP State Lodge through the NCFOP Legal Aid Committee processes all legal aid request after the affected member has completed the required forms needed to review the request. These forms are available below.

In the event of a need for legal aid for anything other than a CRITICAL INCIDENT, the member must complete the “LEGAL AID FILL IN FORM” and sign the “LEGAL AID AGREEMENT FORM.” The forms must be signed off by a lodge officer and submitted to the NCFOP State Lodge. The member will be notified by the Legal Aid Committee of the approval or denial of the requested legal aid.

In the event of a “Critical Incident,” the member should contact their local lodge officer upon the critical incident occurring, who will immediately contact legal counsel for that member with NO WAIT. The required forms must be completed as soon as possible in the next days after the critical incident.

Please review the N.C. FOP Legal Defense Fund Rules and Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding legal aid.