Testimonials – Why join NCFOP?
Well here are just a few of our member’s reasons why they joined. If you are a current NCFOP member and would like to share your reason for joining the World’s Oldest Law Enforcement Fraternal Organization, contact us and we will share your story also.

Deputy Sheriff, Ryan Dawson – Lenoir County FOP Lodge #93
RyanDawsonI joined the Fraternal Order of Police three months prior to being seriously injured in the line of duty, the result of a gunshot wound during a SWAT operation. It did not matter to the FOP that I was a brand new member. Not only did they look after my well-being, they also took care of my family. It was like we had been family since birth. There is no better peace of mind than knowing, while you are laying in a hospital bed wondering what tomorrow holds, that the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police is there for you. They sent babysitters for my children. The wife of another officer, who had been through a similar incident, came to help my wife cope with this situation. The FOP was there to ensure my entire family was well taken care of while I was recovering, both financially and mentally. Today, I have made many new friends in this nationwide network of officers who believe in fraternalism. I currently serve as my local lodge president and I hope to be able to give back a portion of what I have received since joining in 2009.

Probation/Parole Officer, Tammy Young – Iredell County Lodge #10
TammyYoungI joined the Fraternal Order of Police in May 2012. I wanted to know if something happened in the line of duty that I was covered legally. I decided to join the FOP because the benefits were similar to other organizations, but the cost was far less. I now know that was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. From the beginning, the lodge has made me feel more than welcome. I feel included in everything the lodge does and have a true sense of belonging. Since joining, I have seen my local lodge touch so many lives here in our county through their contribution to charities. I have also experienced personal hardships, both emotionally and financially. I could not have made it without the support of my fellow lodge members. They stepped up when no one else did and I cannot speak their praises enough. This lodge truly makes a difference in people’s lives. It is worth joining for the camaraderie and the peace of mind knowing that someone is there for you that truly cares. Your life will truly be enriched by the FOP experience.

Police Officer (Ret.) Greg Brown – Rocky Mount FOP Lodge #46

In September 2005, I was seriously injured in the line of duty as the result of a gunshot wound during a traffic stop. As a result of this incident, I was forced to retire due to permanent disability from the shooting. The Local Lodge President at the time and the Rocky Mount FOP were the only organization that stepped up to help my family in our time of need. The Rocky Mount FOP made several monetary donations to my family to ensure our financial survival. If it was not for the FOP, we would have lost everything. As a result of this incident, I discovered what the Fraternal Order of Police was truly about: Brotherhood. Since then, I have become very involved in the FOP by serving as my local lodge president and state trustee. I use my experience to assist other FOP brothers, law enforcement officers and their families that have suffered similar tragedies. I truly believe that the Fraternal Order of Police is the best law enforcement organization in the United States and it only continues to grow and excel.

NC FOP State Lodge
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Message: Hello, I just wanted to tell you about my situation. I am a board member of the North Carolina Gang Investigators Association. During our 2013 Conference, I was able to meet with John Overby ( Who was doing a good job Recruiting for the FOP), He had me convinced to rejoin the Order. After the Conference, I was extremely busy and never joined ( I am also on a federal Gang Unit). On October 10, 2014, I was shot on duty approaching a Gang member by a .45 caliber bullet shattering my Femur. I was out of duty about 4 months recuperating only getting 66% of my pay which was a burden on my family. I would like to tell you that John Overby emailed the NC FOP State Office and sent them the article about the shooting & asked her to send it to all the lodges in NC. Billy Owen the President of the Lower Cape Fear Lodge #58 visited my home to wish me well as well of providing a check from the Lodge members to help Pay my Bills. Even though I wasn’t a member they treated me like I was family. I want to express my extreme gratitude to this Organization and would love to see both John Overby and Billy Owen and Lodge # 58 be recognized for their Compassion for a fellow Officer, not in the Order. I am a member now and will be recruiting and sharing my feeling toward this Order to anyone that will listen. God Bless, Michael Spencer Sent on: 14 March 2014 Thank you!